Thursday, July 02, 2015

Thursday, July 2

Spanish. We have the Spanish translation side-by-side with the English in our .pdf online worship bulletins.

I read a touching article by Aisha Huertas Michel of the Diocese of Virginia. She moved from Puerto Rico to the US when she was 12, excited to be part of this new, "cool" world. But she also struggled, "as I tried to integrate myself into a new community. I remember also experiencing micro-aggressions because of the way I looked and spoke. I also remember praying and asking God to just let me fit in and to allow me to be just like everyone else."

As she "succeeded" at covering her accent and fitting in, she began to notice she and others like her were losing touch with the culture and language of their origins. At some point she changed, being less cautious with her accent, looking forward "to the hot, summer sun that always enhances the darkness of my skin." She gladly embraced things of her first language and culture.

"I had one of these 'aha,' "yes, I get this' moments earlier this week," she writes, "as I sat in the bilingual Eucharist at General Convention. As Bishop Katharine began celebrating the Eucharist in Spanish, my heart leapt, and I was instantly taken back to my earliest encounters with God – sort of like certain smells and sounds bring us back to our earliest happy memories. I stood there with hundreds of people but, in that instant, it was just  God and me – God as I knew him way back when, with the unshakable faith of a little girl… Worship is allowing god to speak to your heart, to completely overtake you in that moment and to feel the presence of no one but the Holy Spirit. And, for me, …the way for that to happen in its most awe-inspiring form is to hear the words and the name of God in the way I first heard his name and understood his power – 'Dios.'"
from Center Aisle, Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Here are a couple of links about yesterday's big events in the House of Deputies.

The House provides equal access to marriage:

The House passes significant restructuring legislation.


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