Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Wednesday, July 1

I am pretty worn out and taking the day off from General Convention. I met my colleague Stan McKinnon at 7:00 a.m. so we can swap credentials. Stan is our first alternate, and we are working to make sure he sits at a majority of the legislative sessions so he gets full credit for this convention. That helps with future seniority for committee assignment, and if he serves at least seven General Conventions, he could get his "yellow ribbon" as a Senior Deputy.

At this morning's 7:30 committee meeting of Prayer Book, Liturgy, and Church Music we acted on all of our remaining legislation, sending it on to the House of  Bishops. Of particular interest, we recommended beginning a process for hymnal revision (presumably to go along with Prayer Book revision). These processes take several years.
We also passed an interesting resolution that gives more access for using "Rite 3" services on Sunday with a bishop's permission. We heard fascinating stories about creative churches in edgy places designing their own Eucharistic liturgies especially consistent with their communities. The purpose of this resolution is to encourage such ministry.

You can follow online so much of what the General Convention is doing. I'm going to sleep a good part of the day. If I rebound with some new energy, I may do some sightseeing.

For the General Convention web site:
For the Media Center with livestreaming:
For the House of Deputies news:

For a continually updating list of "Top Stories" from Episcopal News Service," go to:

Here's a report what the House of Bishops in their debate on marriage.

Here's a report on the Integrity Eucharist

Here is an 18 minute interview with Presiding Bishop Elect Michael Curry

This link has five very brief videos about the Five Marks of Mission that we talked about yesterday.

A report on yesterday's release of the budget of the church. The Budget will be presented to the General Convention this afternoon.


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