Monday, June 22, 2015

78th General Convention 2015

The 78th General Convention is right around the corner. I'll be blogging again.

I started this blog three Conventions ago in 2006. Part of my reason was my frustration with the lack of secular coverage of the GC and the poor content and understanding. I ended up writing almost like a reporter (with opinions).

Now that we have live streaming access and robust coverage online, I don't need to work so hard. So I won't. I'll offer more of my observations and thoughts than I will do pure reporting. Since the sermons will be livestreamed and printed online, I won't do as much in-depth reporting on those either.

My jobs this time
-- Deputy from Arkansas
-- part of the presentation of the nominees for Presiding Bishop (I was a member of the Joint Nominating Committee).
-- Vice Chair HOD, Committee 11, Prayer Book, Liturgy, and Church Music
-- Chair HOD, sub-committee on A056, Revision of Book of Occasional Services
-- cutting up a bit. (I don't know how to defend my "Bonnie Ball" Championship from the previous Convention.

Okay -- off to Salt Lake City.


At 11:54 AM , Blogger MM said...

Safe travels!


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