Thursday, June 14, 2012

Blog Starting Back Soon

Hello friends of my General Convention Blog.

I started this blog at the 2006 General Convention. My main purpose was to share some of the wisdom and insight that is part of GC in the under-reported events -- chaplains meditations, sermons, table Bible study, things you see. And... to offer one person's view of the goings on.

I'm delighted to be a deputy again (I'll get my Senior Deputy yellow ribbon this year). It may be harder to pass along summaries and highlights like I've done in previous Conventions because I'll be a bit busier this year. I'll be chairing the Prayer Book, Liturgy and Music Committee, which means I'll spend more time in meetings and less time writing. We'll see how it goes.

Let me say one thing. I've been coming to General Conventions for a long time now. My experience at GC has confirmed my appreciation and gratefulness for this wonderful and odd church we live in. Each time I've attended General Convention my sense of the health and vitality of the Episcopal Church has been renewed in new ways. I'm glad to be an Episcopalian, and I have a lot of confidence in the process of discernment that we use to make our decision -- even when I don't always agree with them.

Welcome back for General Convention 2012.


P.S. I'm experimenting with this first blog entry by using my iPod and new keyboard just to make sure I can. Laptops are going to be hard to keep charged in Indianapolis it seems.


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