Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tuesday, June 13; afternoon

Legislative committees reconvened at 2:00. We worked until 4:00 when the Houses reconvened in legislative sessions.

Our Liturgy and Prayer Book Committee had vigorous conversation about a creative series of liturgies and prayers for transitional passages in life. We couldn't quite finish our consideration in the time frame. A sub committee will be working to enhance one series of prayers. This is going to be some material that will be welcomed and used. Especially interesting is a Rite of Passage for a Significant Birthday which is informed by the Hispanic tradition of Qinceaneara (a girl's 15th birthday) and Fiesta Clavel (a boy's 15th birthday). There is also a fine liturgy for honoring elders.

I hear that there is energetic debate about some new disciplinary canons that would establish procedures which could include laity under these canons.

In a committee hearing about the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) and the invitation to encourage our institutions and individuals to commit to contribute 0.7%, a friend of mine, the Rev. Michael Russell, rector of All Souls' Church in San Diego, said there is "nobody more generous than poor people in Kenya, and every time we walked into their homes they fed us with hard boiled eggs -- the best food available to them. The question is: are we going to put the best food we have on the table?"

We had a cordial visit from the Archbishop of York, who is originally from Uganda. I'll try to find a copy of a fetching quote that he had, but was too long for me to take notes on it.

An hour of incredibly boring debate about Structure stuff. This is not a place for people with Type A personalities, ADHD, or behavior problems when they were in fifth grade. Perfectionists with high control needs are not helpful either on the big floor. They are very helpful in committee.

There are fifteen national flags behind the podium representing the nations that are part of the Episcopal Church. This is more than a national church. We are one of the most international provinces in the Anglican Communion.

I hoped to attend a "U2 Eucharist" sponsored by the Episcopalians for Global Relief this evening, but our committee is behind now, and we'll have to meet at 7 p.m. to get our resolution to the floor. I probably won't write again today unless something interesting happens. (or unless I get to go to the U2 Eucharist)



At 7:19 PM , Blogger Lesley K said...

Lowell, it's wonderful to hear these "on the scene" reports from GC. I hope that you are taking good care of yourself -- remember, it's hard to hear the Holy Spirit over the growlings of an empty stomach.

I hope you will be able to share more information on these "transitional rites" when you get back. One of the things that drew me to the Episcopal Church was the beauty, richness, and variety of its various liturgies, and I would feel privileged to be able to see the crafting of that growing treasure store, if you are permitted to share it beyond the committee.

At 11:44 AM , Blogger Marian Kunetka said...

Lowell, the story of the American theologian and the Eastern guru was a wonderful message. Often times when our minds are full of our own thoughts and desires we shut out new messages and ideas that may aid us in our Spiritual journey. Thank you for keeping us up on General convention. Your words open us to the possibilites available as our convention moves forward.

At 7:34 AM , Blogger jencole said...

it must be amazing to share Eukerist with so many.
God bless you be well.


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